Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Liv-Glam: Such an Elegant "Jackie O"

Each new release from Liv-Glam shows me how even fantastic artists like the designer behind every Liv-Glam look grow regularly in their ability to create something new, fresh and beautiful.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Artistry by ~E~, Felicity Heels, Candy Nails

Daring to take on such an iconic figure in the history of the world of fashion, Liv-Glam released the Jackie O, a shirt and skirt combination that really displays talent in design and does justice to its name. When I say that the artist's craft improves regularly, I mean most of the time that the details get smarter and more realistic. I look at the bunched material around the buttons and the way the shirt's shadows change nearer to the belt at the waist, and I see these details making this newest look from Liv-Glam the most realistic look yet.

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