Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Halloween Um... Fun... at PondLife

I should get hazardous duty pay this month with PondLife's crazy creations. The designer had me roasting on an open fire last week and this week...

I found myself hanging on for my life! Literally. There are builds that are terrifyingly perfect for a Halloween display or haunted house. The executioner had no mercy. I tried to tell him, "I didn't do it." But his reply, "That's what they all say!" before he pushed the lever and let the floor drop out below me.

After that horrific nightmare of a moment, I walked over to a series of tables with devious looking potions and poisons, incantations and gruel that again made me think of ghastly ghouls and horror movies. At least "I'm" not in danger here, as I sharpen my magical dagger on the whetting stone.

The same could not be said for this helpless partial body... male... female... I don't know. I could only see enough to give myself nightmares for a few months after Halloween. If you like creepy, crazy or cute, and go all out to decorate your place with the macabre, this is the place to shop. PondLife has a teleport that will take you up to all things Halloween.

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