Saturday, June 28, 2014

To ALL Of You - Designers With Whom I've Worked - For You and Your Sponsorship

Dear Designer - my friend,

I'm so thankful for the way you've allowed me the privilege of working with your designs over the past months and even years. Each time I received new items, I felt like a little girl on Christmas mornin. My financial background made it a challenge to participate in the fashion industry so I determined to make up for my lack of Lindens by working with as many different designers and products as I could, to learn and earn the respect I so desired. I knew the business would demand a lot of me and I eagerly sought out elements that would challenge and inspire me. To greatness, maybe? To the best Caryn could be. Yes, always!

I want to take me and my blog in a new direction. I had intended to do so around the early part of January, but life got bumpy and instead of making a lot of online changes while so many off line changes were in progress, I maintained a status quo with regard to styling, blogging, writing and other jobs related to this business. I will only ever be able to do 100% Caryn. I'm not Angela or Steve. I've never compared myself to anyone other than myself. I want to be better than I was yesterday and more than I am tomorrow. This new step, I hope, brings me closer to that dream.

The trade - free items for the effort put into blogging - it's a fair trade. In my case, I've often worn items one time, the time I blogged it, and then it went to inventory. I know there are some who've taken advantage of the system over time, claiming to be a blogger, but seriously in it for the free clothes. Because I spent all my time blogging, and by all I mean all, I never went anywhere socially to wear those clothes. I could exist a long while in Second Life wearing pieces and parcels of items I've blogged, from head to toe, and that's a wonderful thing.

I know that fashion can only be popular for about a half second. Then it's time to focus on something new and then new again, for as long as there are designers and couture and people doing very unique things with their creative genes. There are items I have in my folders from 2006. Yes, nostalgic mostly, but a few pieces anyway to remind me of the past and show me how far SL, fashion and Caryn has come during the time from then to now.

I've committed to a couple of groups that host events, like Siren Productions and SAVIAD. I like the events because multiple designers participate, including always some new designers. I have several, through the fall, that I'm already registered for so for now, I'm going to keep those commitments, and make sure I honor their requirements as each thing comes. I may end up blogging something one of YOU made, as part of Expos and Charity events and so much more. That would be fun too because I can be nostalgic.

I said all of this to say that I'm withdrawing my name as an official store blogger. It's not personal, one store and not another. I will leave the blogger groups I'm in now, and ask that you as designers remove my name from your Scribo so that I don't receive your items. Some of you I've worked with and for since the very beginning, and others are relatively new. Each of you came to represent more than a business agreement, and became something much more important, a friendship.

Everything has its season, and for me, this is the right time to make this choice. I had planned for it as the close of 2013 approached, and it's taken a little while to get to the actually doing it, letting each of you know, and assuring you that each thing you've given to me has been treasured more than words. I talk about each of you, share your skills and artistry with new people who are seeking this or that experience. I know you're good people because you've been so good to me.

I'm not disappearing from the grid. I'm not sad about some contest I didn't win. (I haven't entered any contests! LOL) I'm making a conscientious change. It's not a lighthearted choice, nor is it an easy choice, but I think it's the right choice and the best choice, and I hope that makes a difference.

My best to each of you, and I'm certain our paths will cross in time,
Caryn Ashdene

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