Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Begin At the Beginning -- Featuring Tori's Sin and EnvyMe from Fashion for Life; Featuring Tuckinowaga from Summer Fashion Festival and Gaeline

It means a lot to me when someone pages me and asks if I will review their item for this or that event; this store or that sale venue. There was a time when I cajoled, pleaded, yes even begged for a chance to review items. Everyone begins at the beginning.

In recent weeks, I've been wholly and completely focused on Fashion For Life because above all other things I do in Second Life that takes a business-ish format, I love to work with charities. It just makes me feel like I'm doing something far bigger than me, reaching around a world that I love to live at my fingertips but touching the real people at their desks, in their work place, living their life.

I also have a certain number of designers to whom I've pledged time and commitment to promote new releases on a certain schedule by month, and I want to be sure that in the midst of the special events and the people to whom I've given my word, that I don't begin to drown in folders. (Where's the inventory life jacket? i still haven't found that thing!)

When someone asks me about blogging things now, I offer names of bloggers whom I know, the ones who share here and on blogspot and wordpress and other private paid for blog pages. I also offer to do a note for them here in FB, to help advertise their desire to find good bloggers. If you're a committed blogger, there will always be someone, somewhere, seeking your services and work.

If you'd like me to refer you, I would be happy to do so. Like I said, everyone begins at the beginning. Let me know.

Fashion for Life has run from June 7 and will run til June 30. That means there are only three more days for you to participate. I hope you find time to head over there, if for nothing else than to drop a few pennies into the piggy bank. The money raised goes to the project Relay for Life which in turn raises money for the American Cancer Society. If you do shop, designers have created a tremendous array of fashionable items to buy with proceeds donated to the charity. If you like to donate directly follow this link to do so:


This style is possible because of these wonderful designers:
Featuring from Fashion For Life EnvyMe Sphere V3 Boots
Featuring from Fashion For Life Tori's Sin Renatta
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival Tuckinowaga Edia
Featuring from Gaeline Illusia Lashes
1. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone
-- Kyxe Tangy Orange Gloss
3. Moondance: Oscar Diamond Jewelry Nail Set
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
5. Corpus Poses
6. Baboom: Necklace and Earrings Set

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