Monday, June 9, 2014

Sky at Fashion For Life Featuring Sky's Designs and KaTink Poses; Also Gypset Market

Today I joined with Sky Summerwind, one of the many excellent designers who created exclusives for Fashion For Life, and we took a few photos. There are two exclusives, and the one Sky wears has several color options. I'm wearing Safari. She's wearing Passport To Fun. We used one of the pair poses from KaTink Poses, also from Fashion For Life.
I have on a very (I'm so grateful MADesigns hair lets me edit) edited version of his hair, so I could wear the snood and still have hair. I'm scared to look under the head covering to see what the hair does look like now.
She's the blonde with the beautiful loose braid, and she took the photograph Dancing in the Rain. What a great way to spend a morning. I hope you're inspired to visit Fashion for Life or donate directly:

Sky also has on a Gypset exclusive, those cute little white flip flop sandals. I live in a variety of those sandals in my little nook in the world in SC, but for this photo, I used a pair of flat dockers from Lindy Lelia at Designer Showcase. We wore the same lashes, great minds thinking alike, and both decided we loved Maxi Gossamer; her jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer as well. She's got D!va hair, and works it like a diva! I've got my favorite skin designer Kyxe Skins & Shapes and Nailed It artistic nails.

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