Sunday, June 8, 2014

Milestones Featuring from Fashion For Life -AZUL-, Morphine, *~Damesfly and {NanTra}; from Designer Showcase Moondance Boutique

Milestones mean something to us because we can look back at a single moment in life and say, "That's when I ..." Though you might think joining the US Navy at 20 would be a milestone where I could look back and say, "That's when I grew up..." it's not really. That's just when someone else was there to take care of a rather foolish young lady who wasn't wise enough to take care of herself. You could consider getting married at 21 would be that aha moment, "That's when I grew up..." It wasn't then either. But a few months after that, after arriving at my duty station in the Navy in Florida, with my new husband, ready to take on the world, I gave birth to my first son, and that's when I began to grow up, because when you have to stop being the child to take care of a child, at least in my case, it nudged me just enough to realize it was time.
Now, they're gone, grown-up-ish. Moved out of the house and on their own. One spends his days getting his new wife to and from work and trying to sleep and then his nights working at Waffle House. The other one is criss crossing the country with a camp called Winshape, sponsored by the Chick-fil-A Empire. Both seem relatively happy. Both are older than my aha moment, when I knew I had passed childhood and debuted onto the stage of grown-up, and both are haplessly trying to find their balance, to discover that moment that will push them into life in a big shove much like what I shared about myself. I see it. I feel it. I know it every time we talk. And delightfully, though at the time I was a bit sad, my son and his wife got married so that leaves me with a new daughter too, who is also discovering her way into adulthood. She's probably the closest of the three, and the youngest.
Milestones mark moments you never forget, even if it's just you living them. In a world like Second Life, most would say, "It's just a game. There are no life lessons there. If you find life lessons there, maybe you need to GET A LIFE." Well I do understand that point of view, but I don't agree with it. Everyone defines their world to the best of the moment and my health and my beautiful but very small cage in this world only looks better sometimes when I immerse myself in my Second LIFE. I do pay attention to milestones here. I count my friendships joyfully. Professionally though, I pour my heart and soul into what I do. I look at each new chance to meet and work with sponsors a real treat, and now and then, those sponsors were dreams of mine, dreams I knew would take a long time to reach fruition.
No, working with this designer or that doesn't seem nearly as looming large as joining the Navy, getting married, or having my first son. Not all milestones in life are huge. Some happen when only you're awake, in the middle of the night, and you smile to yourself, knowing you finally achieved something. When Mami Jewell said that I could blog for her, it was one of those precious moments, a dream moment come true. This series of photos shows one of AZUL's exclusives for Fashion For Life, Naarnisse. Additionally, another new style from *~Damesefly for Fashion For Life was paired with the gown. I pulled a jewelry set from June's Designer Showcase made by Moondance Boutique and the red Mary Janes from SL - Morphine completed the style. I'm so grateful for what I get to do and who I get to work with. I haven't a clue where the next bit aha moment will happen, but I'm loving every moment of this one.

I am ever grateful to the designers who made this blog possible:
Featuring from Fashion For Life {NanTra} Poses
Featuring from Fashion For Life -AZUL- Naarnisse Olive
Featuring from Fashion For Life Morphine SLink High Red Mary Janes
Featuring from Fashion For Life *~Damesfly Hudson
Featuring from Designer Showcase Moondance Boutique Diamond Bow Set
1. MG: Swallow Wings Lashes
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Skin Tone
4. Morphine: Kazumi Eyes
-- Kazumi Lips
5. SLink: Feet Female High

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  1. This Lady is one blogger to keep an eye on. She is taking SL by storm with her stylings and words.There are many great bloggers in SL so watch out, because she may just pass you all up. Hugs, Blue♥