Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Liv-Glam Does Specials! -- Featuring 55L Thursday Liv-Glam; Also Featuring Bliensen+MaiTai from Fashion for Life

This is the other outfit I wanted to share today to say thank you to all the designers out there who do bargains and specials. Liv-Glam has one nearly every day of the week, so whether you're a casual clothing lover and would enjoy something like this top and shorts casual outfit, Save the Hero, one of Liv-Glam's 55L looks...
Or you like club gear, glam and elegant... if you poke into Liv-Glam during each week, you're bound to find something that suits and you might just find it at a price you have to love.
Kandinsky, a relatively new designer to me, created such a plethora of unique items for one of the recent events I did, I set aside some of the pieces so I could use them later, like now. The shoes are called Sansa Black Bootie Heels. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you might recognize the name. I think it might be the inspiration behind the heels. Even so, it made me think of her!
I have more to show from Fashion for Life. Bliensen+Mai Tai have several items, and this set of jewelry with color change options, called Yasemine, can be found there. Also this hair style (seen on another blog of mine) by *~Damesfly can also be found there. If you haven't been to see yet, you should!
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My blog would not be possible without these designers. Thank you!
Featuring Liv-Glam for 55L Thursday Save the Hero
Featuring from Fashion for Life Bliensen+MaiTai Yasemine Jewelry
Featuring Kandinsky Sansa Black Bootie Heels
1. From FFL - *~Damesfly Jase
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Walnut
4. NailedIt: RPH Set
5. SLink: Mid High Female Feet
6. Avante Poses
7. WetCat: Crow Sitting Pose and prop

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  1. I shared this with google+ again. Here's what I wrote.
    And Caryn Ashdene does it again. FFL is keeping her busy and giving her more experience everyday. I still say she is the blogger to watch. Hugs Caryn. Love ya, Blue♥ <3 xoxo