Thursday, June 26, 2014

As Old As a Dinosaur In SL-years -- Featuring Carrie's Lingerie and {{BSD Design Studio}}

I shot this first set of photos that I'm sharing today just before bed last night. I was unpacking another item from a business that has an owl rest on your shoulder instead of a bag appear in your hand (or box) and it was the second time I'd had something from them. The owl fascinated me, and it made for a fun pose to share this Carrie's look. Lingerie with a tiny little skirt, a separate piece that's the corset, wear all the pieces or mix and match.
I put on a pair of BSD Design studio heels and then worked with pieces of jewelry from several different sets. The shape I use with Carrie's Lingerie, and a few other designers who focus on nightwear or swimwear is a bit different. She's got curves to go with her hot sawssss... and she knows how to use them. I even pulled out a pair of earrings I received as a gift and kept, and the designer no longer exists in world so there are no creators. I'm as old as a dinosaur in SL-years!

I'm so thankful for the designers who support my blog:
Featuring from Carrie's Lingerie Katie Blue Ornate
Featuring from {{BSD Design Studio}} Love BSD Silver/Purple
1. Eclectica Relic Necklace Silver
2. ((SS)) Chrysalis Earrings - Designer No Longer In World
3. cae.b: Starfall Bracelet
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Mocha Tone w/ Makeup 11
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. EMO-tions: Greece
7. Noya: Silver Music Manicure
8. Image Essentials: Accessorise Set

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