Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sometimes I Write Epistles! -- Featuring from Fashion For Life [Wild Serenity], from Designer Showcase {ZOZ}; New >Asset< and M&Ms

It is my intention to post the local .org address of Relay for Life each time I blog because some of you may want to do as I do and pay directly to the .org site for tax purposes. Another way you can get involved is to visit the AMAZING sims filled with creations, exclusives, designed to tickle your fancy and inspire your purchase. [Wild Creations] new Gilded Blush Filigree is an exclusive item, and with your purchase, you will be donating to Relay for Life via. Fashion For Life in our SL.
I know, by now it's sooo difficult to figure out what Karyn's like best in this world. I wear my every motion on my sleeve and I'm outgoing and vocal about things I truly want to support. This is the same me on or off line, Facebook or Flickr, or a snail mail letter to my amazing Uncle Bob! I believe in education and charity, and the combination of both, and how they can be fleshed out in our Second Life as well as our world off line. The thin line that divides those worlds gets thinner all the time.
All glitz and glam as I get set to begin sharing the glorious creations coming from multiple directions for all the sorts of reasons I love getting excited about here. Fashion for Life as it has been called the past two years is about Cancer research, and raises money for something that almost everyone has had personal experience with, and rarely ever in that 'right' way.
The big C scared me this year. It tore away my own sense of self empowering, about taking care of me better than anyone else could do, about being my own advocate, and about how to interact with personnel at every level of medical care in a positive way because their days are long, taxing, grueling, and by the end of every single one of them, they're spent and tomorrow will present exactly the same, more of it, more people needing, more people hurting, and few people remembering to say thank you.
People have asked me, since I'm a blogger and have sponsors, how do charity events work for me? It's a fair question and I want to share personally. I always find the .org website. Most of the well known fundraising, medical, etc. type sites have switched away from .com and moved to .org. I pay as Karyn Co.... and safe the receipt. I pass on the receipt with my personal address/phone blacked out to the event coordinator so she can add the tally of USD donations for this year to his or her list, and then I get to work, blogging what you share with me, and loving every moment of it.
Designer Showcase continues into June with all new designs and fun products at beyond fair prices. I just met the brand {ZOZ} last month and it's already become one of my favorite new kids on my block brands. I love places like Designer Showcase and with their help to pain my nails, {ZOZ} for June makes an appearance.
The hair designer >Asset< is really growing on me -- get it? Bad pun. Past my bed time. The thing is, I've worked with a couple of budding hair stylists and they had different margins of success. I have not found one yet that I couldn't use somehow and each time I get something new from the store, I think the skill putting together the hair has improved and makes it more useful to me as a blog model. If you don't know >Asset<, they may be a well kept secret but one you should check out!
Due to the fact that my brain has holes in it like swiss cheese, I have some of the oddest combinations of pieces saved in inventory. It's my own wild chaotic way of staying organized. Yesterday I cleared out 20,000+ pieces of inventory to make room for Fall/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014. Everything else was so yesterday! While I was opening folders and tossing, I found a buncha heels from M&M's, multiple colors, and put on a pair for this blog. I don't think it's the sort of M&M's that melt in your mouth, not in your hand, but heels that you'll enjoy with every sort of favorite pants set or dress.

How can I possibly thank those who make this blog possible often enough? I'm always so grateful:
Featuring from Designer Showcase June {ZOZ} Dark Spring Silver Polish Nail Appliers
Featuring >Asset< Love Letter
Featuring from Fashion for Life [Wild Serenity] Exclusive Gilded Blush Filigree
Featuring M&M Brooke Heels
1. Moondance Boutique Jewels Gaia
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Skin Tone
-- Romance Lipsticks Rose
-- Candy Eyeshadow Lagoon
3. SLink: Elegant1 Hands
-- Mid High Feet
4. MG: Inverted Crown
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. Image Essentials Poses

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