Friday, June 6, 2014

Staying Cool -- Featuring from Fashion For Life: Mina, and Two Sexy Hot Releases from Carrie's Lingerie

How does ice cream or frozen yogurt sound right about now? Sherbet? I feel like I'm toasting in an oven and it's the 6th of June. This will be a long summer.
There might be a few activities that could make me forget the heat or embrace it, one or the other. No no, my mind was not going there ----> I meant INNOCENT distractions.
I love working in a small garden. I haven't had one, but maybe this year, I will do a container garden. It's like putting a tiny garden on a table. Simplifies it.
I also love swimming. As soon as I get clearance from my doc, I'm going to the pool. There's one on base nearby, and it can be nuts crazy when filled with squealing children, but I'll tune them out and treasure the cool.
Some people find lingerie cooler than the average day clothing, but lingerie has a way of coming off quickly. Doesn't it? Carrie's Gigi Sherbet is a new release, and both the gown and miniskirt version look as delicious as a cold snow cone in summer. The Flower Sea also came out earlier this spring and it's refreshingly reminiscent of the beach. I paired them both with simple extra elements and Mina's Fashion For Life Femke style.

Thank you for the privilege to work with each of your creations:
Featuring from Fashion For Life Mina Femke
Featuring from Carrie's Lingerie Gigi Sherbet
Featuring from Carrie's Lingerie Flower Sea
1. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Lily Skin Tone
3. Candy Nail: Resort Sunset
4. SLink: Feet High
5. Photos taken on site at Carrie's Lingerie in studio


  1. luv the lingerie...must go get ;) caryn you look amazing too great photography ....ahh the slink feet so nice...

  2. Thank you. She makes some of the best lingerie on the grid and has shoes, makeup, and so much more to accent her work. you get a lot for your investment! :)