Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shadow Ghost and Beautiful Blood -- Featuring Silken Moon and from Designer Showcase E C R U

I feel so alive, so on the edge of life and all things beautiful.
I've eased back (at a pace far too quickly according to one of my nurses) from all the medications that made my world a haze, and now I feel like flying, dancing, embracing every good and wonderful thing.
I had fun tonight with a series of black and white photos. I thought this second series, not quite as many to share with you but I felt like I could go on and on and on... are shades of grey. To take an identity and ghost myself inside it, without a skin on at all, only white paint, a mask of white, white hood, and all things white.
But red popped, up from the page, as soon as I pulled those E.C.R.U. boots on, from June Designer Showcase. And with that brilliant red, I knew how I would style the few elements that were not Chronophilia, the outfit by the extraordinarily creative Malicia Python - Silken Moon.
Lashes and lips and a good edit-able liner around the eyes, and I had created this ghost of self, so piercingly aware. (4 photos) It was shades of grey, a ghost of myself, oozing red, like blood, or beauty, or blood is beauty...

Always grateful for the designers who made my style possible:
Featuring from Silken Moon Chronophilia
Featuring from Designer Showcase E C R U Prey Boots Vermillion
1. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Magnificia
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. NailedIt: Mesh Nails Fashion Pride Set
4. JUMO Armorial Lips Red
5. Special Lace Layer Under-skin by Caryn
6. DelMay Poses
7. Midnight Designs Poses

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