Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All Dressed Up and No Place To Go! -- Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival ArisAris and ::EGO, News from Moondance Boutique and Mimi Noire

I think photos often tell the viewer just how much fun the person in the photo had while taking them. That's certainly true in this playful pair of photos. I found the youthful energy playing on the dress and carried it through the rest of the look. The dress comes from ArisAris at the Summer Fashion Festival. You'll also find the moccasins at SFF, created by ::EGO. If you look at the little girl on the front of the yellow dress, you'll notice long string hair. I could make MY hair match hers... so I set to work creating a little head of string hair for my avi. I think it came out preciously, and paired with a bow recently released by no. 7 from the Pop Art Headbows series, it was perfect; it's not quite the girl on the dress but it's pretty darn close.
I also pulled some mesh nails from Moondance Boutique and thought they would suit the overall look well. Moondance has done a great job of providing nails of several different kinds so that no matter what format you exist in on your day to day Second Life, one of their nail options works for you. There are basic prim nails, mesh nails and there are also SLink appliers for SLink hands. This set of nails is called Pearls. If you look carefully, up close and personal-like, you might notice that the earrings look as if they were made to be worn with everything else I have on... and the irony is, while I was looking for something else in my endlessly chaotic inventory, I found these earrings instead of the other pair and loved them. Mimi Noire makes quality products that you'll use and reuse often.
I think I've done all the wiggles and squirms necessary to catch a man's eyes, but maybe they're too wiggly or too squirmy. Alas! My life in Second Life is destined to be lived out alone and pining for someone to share it with, someone who wants to get involved in fashion and share the passion I have for the whole of it, from the design process to the marketing to every other detail. So far, I have the cute clothes, the sexy, the hawt, and everything else possible. I'm just missing one key detail, for things like a date. (Huh? People still go on dates?) or maybe I'll meet someone who wants to come up to my place - gack he really doesn't - for a cup of coffee that really is coffee and not a euphemism for quick sex. I'm sure it's out there, just looming, looking my way. Who's going to lassoo him for me!?

None of this would be possible without support from each designer AND each of you!
Featuring from Moondance Boutique Pearls Mesh Nails
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival EGO Nautica Moccasins
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival ArisAris Hello Dress
Featuring from Mimi Noire Balance Earrings
Featuring from Caryn Doll Hair
Featuring from no. 7 Pop Art Head Bow Yellow w/ Blue Dots
1. Morphine: Kazumi Eye Shadow
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Orchid Skin Tone 
-- Captivate Lips Bubble Gum
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Maxi Gossamer: Party Lashes

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