Thursday, June 12, 2014

Royals -- Featuring from Fashion for Life *Schoen* and JUMO

I don't know if anyone will ever create an actual time machine, but the world that Second Life presents to us all allows us to travel into time, back, forward, sideways, upways and downways. I love putting on flamboyant costume, bold and unique gowns, representations of so many eras of fashion, and embracing them each with love and thought for those who lived in that era.

I put on this brightly colored, wildly adorned dress from Fashion For Life and ahhh'd at it's majesty. It not from Elizabeth's era, but it's one of those gowns that commands attention. You could not be a wall flower wearing *Schoen*'s Auffaellige Rosen. The jewelry comes also from Fashion For Life, by way of the artistry of JUMO, the Faraji set in Emerald.

I've done quite a number of styles from Fashion For Life. It's an event that I passionately hope has been embraced radically, transforming a 'little video game that some people play' to a backdrop to raise millions for research for the cure for cancer. If you haven't visited FFL, you should. Designers worked hard to make it an adventure of fun and shopping, and at heart want the same thing I do, success in the form of financial support for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

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This look was created by the following designers. Thank you!
Featuring from Fashion For Life *Schoen* Auffaellige Rosen
Featuring from Fashion For Life JUMO Faraji Set Emerald
1. >Asset<: Hurricane Hair
2. [NikitaFride] Ludic Lashes
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Blossom Skin Tone Lyric
-- Nail Appliers Gems and Pearls
5. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
6. Morphine: Cat Eyeshadow Purple
7. Pichi: Rich Shimmer Lip Color Ruby
8. Corpus Model Poses

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