Saturday, December 14, 2013

At Eargasm With DJAFI

I was wrapping up my photo shoot for the day for my latest blog and I received an IM teleport invitation from DJAFI.

Josephina Franizzi

(I blog for A.F.I Designs, the store she owns)

Decor at Club Eargasm

Many times she invites me to visit her different work venues but I have to decline.

DJAFI at Eargasm

It was just the right moment this time!


I met the owner and appreciated her investment and dream.

Decor at Club Eargasm

DJAFI at Club Eargasm

People tell me all the time that I should get out more. So I did. I had a great time too!

Thank you for inviting me DJAFI. I do read every invitation I receive. Never know when I'll click on it. And thank you also Josephina. I hope your enterprise, the new club Eargasm, is a huge success.

1 comment:

  1. The club is amazing. The d├ęcor is amazing. The DJs and VIP are amazing. Can't say enough about this place. :)