Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let It Snow - Featuring FINESMITH, G.Inc., Silken Moon and Barely Legal

The fire is so delightful. Even here in the south USA, we have fireplaces. The unwritten rules of when one might build a fire has always amused me. It's so completely based on location. When I lived in Florida, people would build a fire in the fireplace at 50 degrees. But in Massachusetts, we put on shorts and got to play outside when it was 50 degrees.

Of course it only snows at a certain temperature, with just the right climate. Everywhere I've lived on the east coast has had snow at least once while I lived there. It was an oddity and people panicked ridiculously. A whole store of goods would be bought and saved for the weather, even though the snow only amounted to a sprinkle!

Many of my unwritten rules come from southern etiquette and a staunchly conservative group of people. There are religious undertones in the south, to this day, and the parents and grandparents review the must and must'nts often with their children. Ladies and gentlemen of the south had a way of life and it was meant to be passed down even if a lot of it sounds archaic and far from reality.

I had an interesting conversation with a fella following a public request for input regarding jewelry and lingerie. In my past, I'd heard about what ladies did or didn't do and I'm certain that those expectations are both defined for only a small group of people in one part of the world and spoken in a time that has long since passed. It doesn't mean I didn't hear it though.

I can't apologize for my heritage or my naivete, nor should I. I really just share with you who I am, what I know, how I grow, and how much I love doing what I do. I got feedback that helped me feel confident that it was more than fine to blend the two, and I did so for this blog. FINESMITH jewelry, Barely Legal lingerie, a fantastic pair of boots from G.Inc. and Silken Moon's new nails made it work.

Life's a dance I learn as I go, in the rain and in the snow. I'm happy to be naive. I'm comfortable with change. I live to the edge of life. Let it snow. And Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Silken Moon SLink/Mesh Nails Shine Glowz
Featuring FINESMITH Snow Lady the Ice Queen
Featuring Barely Legal Satisfaction Crimson from SexPo (preview, not open yet) Bondage Boots White
1. [elika]: Say
2. MADesigns: Eyes Attention Ignited
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes:
- Pearl Skintone
- Glamour Ombre Delicate Lips
4. Manifeste Poses

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