Thursday, December 5, 2013

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I tried to watch the new version of Sound of Music this evening as I worked with photos and blogs and all that I enjoy.

I'm not sure I understand the race to do remakes. I love Carrie Underwood. Yet I kept thinking of Julie Andrews and missed her instead of enjoying the redo.

Surely all the stories in the world have not yet been written. If we were all out of stories to tell, would we not be out of life too?

I would prefer to see new stories. New movies. New plays. New musicals. During the commercial break, I also noticed that Disney debuts another remake for the Christmas holiday season.

It's another Julie Andrews film. The original was called Mary Poppins. The new film is called Saving Mr. Banks. He's the man who said, "Kindly do not allow the issues to cloud the facts." Mr. Banks that is.

Maybe all of history comes with makes and remakes and remakes of remakes. I imagine in another hundred years, they'll be saying the same thing. Carrie Underwood sang beautifully.

I often here in our shared world that copying is a form of flattery. Sometimes I think it's a shortcut and doesn't really save time. It's just one opinion.

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  1. What a a beautiful Italian Style Shoes. Can you tell me the price of that Style Shoes what you have shown in the figure.Thanks.

  2. The shoes come from a venue that you can find on the game They aren't priced in real world terms. I hope that helps. They're gorgeous with the rose as the heel. Very classy.