Monday, December 23, 2013

Great Shoes From {{BSD Design Studio}}, EMO-tions News and Carrie's Lingerie

Usually I change angles of the whole outfit, but in recent days, I've done a lot of floor length mesh gowns and 99% of these gowns cover the feet so completely that wearing shoes with them is moot and if I do wear shoes, they hide under the gown!

This makes it difficult for me to find an opportunity to showcase a pair of {{BSD Design Studio}} shoes effectively and BabyChampagne makes some great mesh shoes that deserve their own showcase. For a while I made sure to do closeup photos of the shoes, even if they were tucked under a gown.

Besides taking at awkward angles, I had to really only do an ankle shot then, because of how alpha layers interact. I showed a couple of photos where I'd isolated the shoes and the designer said, "Yes, but I can take photos of the shoes. I really need the shoes to be attached to the rest of the outfit."

I understood what she meant. It's a desire to see clothing styled in different ways that makes a blog useful, I think. It's not styling if it's just feet with shoes. I adapted and remember her thoughts related to her shoes, but also to other items in my box. I love learning as I go, and hope it never ends.

EMO-tions shared news this week with the release of the style Maxine. I thought it was soft and feminine and it reminded me of the loose flowing hair I'd seen on several fall/winter runways off line. Chop Zuey always shares free gifts but during the holidays, her cup runneth over. This little set of earrings and necklace are just a small taste of the cornucopia that you'll find there.

Live! Love! Laugh!

Featuring EMO-tions Maxine
Featuring Carrie's Lingerie CiaoBella Pink
Featuring Chop Zuey (1 of 12 days of Christmas Gift)
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Thelist Boots Xmas Boots
-- {{BSD Design Studio}} Classic Beaute Black & White
-- {{BSD Design Studio}} Grey Rabbit (Winter Fair)
1. MADesigns:
- Eyelashes Moonlight
- Eyes Attention Clean
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes:
- Orchid Skintone
- Demure Lips Cottoncandy
- Evening Splendor Eyeshadow Metallic Pink
3. [[Masoom]]: Poses

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