Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm Talking To You - Featuring MADesigns, [Mirror's Enigma], Wertina, Ch's, and Kastle Rock

Sometimes I find an alter ego in the styles I create from designers who have a different point of view. This time is such an occasion. After a stretch of very fancy clothes, I put together this urban look, and enjoyed the change.

Do you ever wonder what your super power would be, if you got to choose it? Is your alter ego bolder, stronger, more intelligent? What's the rationale behind the whole super hero thing. Not only Batman and Super Man, Cat Woman and Wonder Woman... Beauty, Brains and Brawn...

I'm fairly sure the appeal of the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series and other popular bits of fiction comes under the surreal hope of an alter ego that wins those battles we otherwise know we'd lose in life. If we can't be Batman, maybe we can wizard our way out of something, or simply out live it.

Christmas is a special day and this season is special to me also. I still struggle with the stress of it. I don't ever quite get it right, and I wish I were this tough girl here, daring and bold, able to stand up to the stress, the people around me that make it sad instead of glorious, just once I do wish it.

I'm looking for the silver lining in a holiday season that's meant to be one giant silver lining. I think maybe we hear that on commercials and read it in fairy tales, though. Maybe the spirit that resides in us throughout the year helps us face all that we face, even in the moments that could overwhelm.

If you're stressed, misty-eyed with frustration or sadness as a relationship batters you about this season, take a deep breath, and smile. The only person I know I can change is me. I think that's an important point. Maybe it's the point of the novels, the fantasy, the things in our alter ego we wish we could do, and maybe it's not so bad to boldly pretend with a fiery attitude, "I'm talking to you..."

Live! Love! Laugh!

Featuring MADesigns Julia Dark Blonde
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Kami Dread Eyeshadow
Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Kami War Painted Lips Blight
Featuring Wertina Winter Hat
Featuring Ch's Sira Boots
Featuring Kastle Rock Leather Jacket Black
1. SLink Hands Elegant
2. MADesigns Eyes Attention Deep
3. Black Lace Tease Cut Denim Jeans Baby Blue
4. Wicca's Wardrobe Poses

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