Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside Featuring [ME],EMO-tions, {{BSD}}, Evolve, also Featuring =MODA=, [7891.], Bokeh, {me.} from J&A Expo

This morning when I woke, the A/C was blowing a comfortably cool air into my home. It was sticky and humid yesterday so I was glad for the more pleasant atmosphere, quite literally. This evening, I have a fire in the fireplace and there's a small chance of freezing rain or sleet. Yes, in South Carolina!

I think we often assert that our temperament also might be measured in hot and cold. Depending on the person and the setting, I've had conversations that began with one extreme and end in another, leaving me about as befuddled as I feel with the A/C one minute and a fire the next.

Maybe it's just a scientific 'thing' and it's meant to be this way. it's almost as predictable as the weather too. My sweetheart told me a story this evening of a fella who had a good number of people under his command, and in front of all of them, he had a melt down, literally throwing a fit.

It was a more surprising story because the fella who did this was one I'd only ever heard stories of him being level headed, calm and cool and collected. He even took a day of leave, that the rest of the group called 'MAD leave', sick leave because you're angry... but he came back, rested and calm once more.

Maybe it takes all kinds, the even keel, the hot under the collar, the days that feel cool and those that don't, to help us keep our world balanced. In the days of horses and carriages, there was a saying, "Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a rough ride." I hope you hold on to yours!

Live! Laugh! Love!

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