Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Whisper Of Holiday Smoke - Featuring Tresor Couture and [Mirror's Enigma] Plus ((Crystal Line)) from J&A Expo

Sometimes I feel everything I do as I prepare a blog. Other times, I simply feel lost. Yes. It happens. It's ironic to me, also. The times I feel the least prepared are the times I get the positive thumbs up.

And the times I feel tuned in and capable and like I'm growing and getting a little better with each photo shoot, I hear crickets.

I really love this gown from Tresor. Holiday Glamour Smoke with or without the whispy fur around the neckline looks beyond elegant.

But then you turn around and show the rest of the story. Oh la la. This gown has all the sex appeal you could ask for too.

This skin is a sneak peek at the new Kami from [Mirror's Enigma]. The tears with makeup running may be my most favorite skin enhancement ever. I don't know why.

Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring ((Crystal Line)) Mabe Pearl Grape Accessory Set from J&A Expo
Also Featuring Tresor Couture Holiday GlamourSmoke
Also Featuring [Mirror's Enigma] Kami Peach Skintone
1. Bliss: Betty Hair 
2. MADesigns
- Eyelashes Fabulous Darling
- Eyes Confidence - Placebo
3. Manifeste Poses

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