Thursday, December 5, 2013

13, 12, 13... Zanze, Dot-Be Fashion and .::Shellac plus (lime), A*S, Ch, Rock Culture and {{BSD}} from J&A Expo

I think my head spin gets faster and faster as the month of December gets into full gear. I have been labeling my photos differently so I can keep up with the different events.

Only one problem, though... I've forgotten how to count. Yesterday I skipped from 11 to 13, and left out the perfect little number 12.

As I was numbering the series I did yesterday with a number 13, I was thinking to myself how buildings leave out floor number 13 even though of course if you counted the stories, you really couldn't skip 13.

I got to thinking about 13, and how many people find it a superstitious number. It's not just one culture either. It seems to be virtually everywhere.

I've never really thought about 13 being a bad thing or something to be avoided. I also don't worry about black cats or All Hallows Eve. I don't know how some people absorb the superstitions and others don't.

In my case, I didn't avoid 13. I used it twice! That's not superstitious. It's just me being my happily ditzy self. I love this process, and the structure I've built around it to be able to blog and write for my sponsors and for all of you who follow me.

I still get lost sometimes, and find my way to 13 twice. Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring (lime)  Mystic Rhinestone Rings from J&A Expo
Featuring A*S Simply Collar S from J&A Expo
Featuring Ch My Christmas Ankle Boots from J&A Expo
Featuring Rock Culture Gacha Mesh Glasses (rare) from J&A Expo
Featuring Zanze Jade Fur Jacket
Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Cecilla Pants
Featuring .::Shellac High Glam Lips Black
1. EMO-tions: Collien 2
2. MADesigns:
- Eyelashes - Moonlight
- Eyes Confidence Subtle Death
3. Face Paint: Gem Nails
4. Di's Opera Poses
5. Apple Spice Poses
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes
7. {{BSD Design Studio}}

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