Monday, December 2, 2013

Altruism - Featuring Air Shen Zhou, Bbarbie, Digital Eyes, KMADD, Baboom! and FINESMITH

In my corner of the US it hasn't been on yet this holiday season, but when it is (tonight at 8!!) I will tune in to watch Merry Christmas Charlie Brown for my 40-somethingth time. I love the simplicity of it; when the music by Vince Guaraldi and the story by Charles Shultz were paired together, it exuded the very essence of Christmas for me.

I don't care for Christmas for a lot of the reasons Charlie Brown shares in this story. At one point, he was sitting with his personal 'shrink' Lucy, trying to explain why he was blue at this time of year, and at some point in the conversation Lucy interjects, "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the Charlie Browniest."

I think that phrase could be rewritten with my name in there instead of his. I often get blue and disappointed and focus on some of those negative things that can really pull any of us down. Stress. Money. Who needs what? Am I doing this right? I feel so vulnerable. There's even a commercial on that talks about being the Gifter, and out-gifting your friends. That's just not Christmas to me.

I wish there were some way to reset the switch like Linus did, and find the altruism of the holidays, boiled down to the most pure possibilities. I think that some of the essence of the holiday might be shared with ANYONE from any corner of our world. Whatever your faith, I will still share my joy and love abundantly. In any setting, I will put your needs ahead of mine. I know I'm not perfect, so my altruistic efforts may fail at times, but I give it my all.

I'm so happy it's December 2. I'm happy I have friends from all over the world who do and believe and think and live differently than I do. I hope that my readers, my friends, my supporters understand how much I want to pour out back to your world, filling your cup til it flows over, setting your cornucopia so it's abundantly filled with all your needs. I do think I'm the Karyn-iest... Caryn-iest.

Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Air Shen Zhou (Hair Accessory) from J&A Expo
Featuring Bbarbie Queen of Hearts Earrings *Used as hair lights for wreath hair from J&A Expo
Featuring Bbarbie Vintage Emerald Earrings *Used as hair lights for wreath hair from J&A Expo
Featuring Digital Eyes Mesh Animated Fan from J&A Expo
Also Featuring MADesigns Hair - Zoe
Also Featuring Baboom! Exclusive Black Rose
Also Featuring FINESMITH Fall in Love Set
1. Kyxe Skins & Shapes
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- Kyxe Demure Cotton Candy Eyeshadow
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