Monday, December 2, 2013

4 Calling Birds? -- Featuring Crie Style, Image Factory, XH, MG, Son!a, In-Pose!, .::Shellac

In my little part of the world, the Southern US - South Carolina, or maybe when I was younger, influenced by people and thoughts that were more Northern, I learned the 12 Days of Christmas with the 4 Calling Birds as day four.

I had never heard of this species of bird, however, and never really paused to figure out what exactly a calling bird was. Needless to say, I was glad to find out it had nothing to do with euphemisms for things children shouldn't know!

It made me think of other things we say, things we've heard and just repeat, and how sometimes we might be repeating something uncouth or unkind and not even know it. I think that may be even more true when we share with people all over the world.

A calling bird doesn't really exist, I learned. It's an Americanization of the word 'COLLY' bird. And a colly bird doesn't have any special significance. They fly abundantly in flocks, and in the US, they're simply called black birds.

I really wasn't thinking of being a colly bird when I put this outfit together but as I talk about the children's song and the bird, and look at this unique little dress from In-Pose! I see a resemblance. And yes, I said In-Pose. Ms. Trinity Graves offers clothing as well as terrific poses now!

I used my shorter avi for this pose series and ended up taking more photos than I ever take. I just felt the fun in the moment and had one of those shutterbug moments. I love digital photography on here as well as off line, as we can take so many photos and find the best later without so much expense for film!

It's interesting, looking into the origin of words. Interesting to me anyway. I love the interaction with so many people in Second Life that I can hear phrases and word choices I never knew. I love the chance to work with designers who have great ideas, new ideas, fun ideas, and people who just enjoy life.

Live! Laugh! Love!

Featuring Crie Style Caerus from J&A Expo
Featuring IMaGE Factory Message Bag Love Set from J&A Expo
Featuring XH Burbank Hat from J&A Expo
Featuring MG Necklace Tiffany Back Necklace 1 Silver from J&A Expo
Featuring Son!a Madie Earrings Silver Onyx from J&A Expo
Also Featuring In-Pose! Belle
- Belle Boots
- Belle Coatdress
Also Featuring .::Shellac Put on Your Face (Intensity)
1. [Mirror's Enigma]: Freya Peach Skintone
2. [Mirror's Enigma]: Freya Cat EyeShadow
3. MADesigns: Eyelashes - Simplicity
4. MADesigns: Eyes Confidence - Blonde Ambition
5. Face Paint: Classic Square Prim Nails
6. Amacci Hair: Celine
7. SAAL Poses


  1. I absolutely love your styling of the Xen's Hats' Burbank Hat. It's delightful as are your photos. Thank you

  2. It's always so nice to get feedback like this from designers. I'm really glad you liked it. I loved working with this styling and your contribution!